Magnotion is public outreach with music, video, graphic profiles, 3D-material, perfumes and sculptures.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 741298

Recording and preparing for the film The butterfly and the flame. Dolores Huremovic and Peter Lång.

A tethered Bogong moth flies over a moving landscape, turning in response to changes in visual and magnetic stimulation.

Working with the scents of the Bogong moth’s journey at the famous perfume lab Gallimard, Grasse France.

Photographing the Bogong moth, 3D Laboratory at the Department of Biology Lund University.

Designing scientific jewellery from 3D-scanned male moth.
Created by Peter Lång & Henrik Nord.

Original Bogong illustration by artist Jutta Falkengren.

Sketches for Magnotion’s “packaging-of-knowledge-sculptures”.

Graphic profile designed for Magnotion’s live event

(cancelled by Covid-19).

Project’s “Urne of Bad Ideas”,


Thank you.

was made possible by

the European Research Council.

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